Centennial Park District

Centennial Park District

Brand Identity

Since early 2005, Downtown Atlanta has been drastically changing and updating. This premiere destination now contains over 50 attractions including the worlds largest aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola museum, and the Mercedes Benz stadium to name a few. With all of these destinations together, there needed to be an identity that connected them all.

The brand itself was designed to be versatile to accommodate for its eclectic offerings. Typography and color are essential elements in the system, changing to highlight the variety of destinations within the district.

Highlighting location was a major concern for the client, so the brand campaign utilized map pins that could be activated in a variety of ways to literally direct people to there destination. 

Art Direction: Randall Hooker, Enrique Ramirez & Lucas Alvarez
Photography: GP Photography
Design: Lucas Alvarez


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